12-week Course Agenda​ 

Week 1 - Setup and Consultation

Week 2 - Moving Averages - key numbers used by our Algorithm

Week 3 - Our Algorithm Parameters and Important Points

Week 4: - Risk Management Part 1 of 3,
                 plus favorite trading tricks used by the pros

Week 5: - Risk Management Part 2 of 3,
                 plus Optimal Trading Styles/Behavior for our Algorithm

Week 6: - Risk Management Part 3 of 3,

Week 7: - Optimal Trading Strategy -  1 of  5 plus Trading  
                 Psychology (A Pro Trader's Ledger Part 1 of 3)

Week 8: - Optimal Trading Strategy -  2 of  5 plus Trading  
                 Psychology (A Pro Trader's Ledger Part 2 of 3)

Week 9: - Optimal Trading Strategy - 3 of  5 plus Trading  
                 Psychology (A Pro Trader's Ledger Part 3 of 3)

Week 10: - Optimal Trading Strategy - 4 of  5

Week 11: - Optimal Trading Strategy - 5 of  5

Week 12: - Part 1: A vetted checklist for trading our signals
                 Part 2: The Do's and Don'ts of Opening a Live Account

Let our learning-algorithm work for you - 24/6.


RagingFX is designed to canvas optimal trades with the highest probability of success, so you don't have to. Fueled by an advanced self-learning algorithm, RagingFX delivers easy-to-follow BUY/SELL signal alerts, which include optimal entry and risk-managed exit levels.

With this intuitive service, you can spot, catch, and skillfully ride currency trends under any market conditions.  

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Course details...


Our online FX course will show you how to read our signals, find our setups, and implement a systematic checklist to determine which trading strategy to use. 

The course is ground-breaking because it fully integrates the power of our learning algorithm to pinpoint optimal trade setups, manage daily risk without a spreadsheet, and develop a robust trading discipline (plus intuition) based upon a set of proven trading rules.  ​ 

The course includes:

  • A demo account with $100,000 setup on both a smartphone app and desktop.
  • 3 months of timely live signals delivered to you daily 
  • (Choose to receive your signals between email, text, or both)
  • An assigned trading mentor 
  • Weekly class notes with video links on key topics
  • (Workload is about 15 minutes per week)
  • Daily Dashboard Reports showing performance data
  • Weekly Newsletter with updates & market analysis

Our goals are perfectly aligned! 
              If we can teach you to trade RagingFX signals... 
                           ...successfully, then we've earned a loyal customer. ​

Online FX Course

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NEW to FX?


If you're learning FX for the first time or just need a refresher course, we offer a self-guided, online FX trading course that is fully integrated with our algorithm. The course is ground-breaking because it fully leverages the power of AI and Machine Learning to teach you just what you need to know to trade our signals optimally.

You will get a chance to practice with our 'live' signals trading them directly from your smartphone using a demo account. After 12-weeks, if not sooner, transitioning to a live account will feel almost seamless. We will also assign you a pro mentor to answer any of your questions.

3-month subscriptions available


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