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​FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was the official launch date?

March 27, 2017

Q2.  How much is the RagingFX Service?​​

Q3. After submitting payment, when should I expect to receive my daily signals?

Allow a 24hr period to process your order. 

Q3. Who should buy RagingFX?

Forex Traders (beginners or experienced) looking for solid trade setups that render consistent results. 

Q4. Why should I purchase RagingFX?

Designed for trader's on-the-go, RagingFX is intuitive, convenient, and 100% transparent.

Q5. Which pair of currencies are available?

The 12 major currencies for now. Our algo can easily be applied successfully to other similar pairs and assets.
Q6. How can I sample RagingFX for Free?

You can receive our Daily Dashboard Reports at no charge. Just send us your email address using our 'Contact Us' link. You can opt-out at anytime.

Q7. Can I get a refund?

No. We do not issue refunds. However, you can choose to postpone your subscription period to a later date in the same year due to illness, holidays or whatever reason. We will work with you to accommodate your situation within reason.

Q8. How is RagingFX different from similar signal services?

We are quant guys having fun blending predictive analysis, optimization modeling, and market sentiment into sustainable trading profits. Our system is subscriber-verified daily.

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