(MKT Daily Reports)

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(Last Update on 15-Sep-19)​​

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Additional Analysis

The following graphs and links compare the results from last week's signals based upon how the orders were entered, either as all Market Orders versus all Limit Orders.

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All Signals Entered below as 


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How to Read the Charts

The Market/Limit Orders Report represents the high range of returns for the past 60 days, while the Limit Orders Only Report represents the low range of returns for the past 60 days. The difference between both is the level of risk exposure. By splitting orders between both levels (i.e. 50% Market and 50% Limit), subscribers can expect returns to fall within these two endpoints with a moderately adjusted risk exposure. 

  • Based on 1 lot per trade in USD$
  • ​Chart shows accumulated profits and losses only
  • Account opened with USD$10,000 
  • Positions are held for a maximum of 41 hours
  • No positions are held over the weekend
  • ​Average Daily Signals = 4.3
  • All Signals Entered as MARKET/LIMIT ORDERS​​

Last Updated on 15-Sep-19

(LMT Daily Reports)

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(Last Update on 15-Sep-19)​​