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Friday signals will no longer be counted for two reasons:

  1. Trader activity at the end of the week reflect unpredictable anomalies associated with traders shoring up their portfolios for the weekend. 
  2. ​The shorter trading day violates our maximum 31 hour shelf life policy and, hence, cannot be equally compared to other signals..

(LMT Daily Reports)

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(Last Update on 15-Apr-17)​​


(Last Week)

=========================================Additional Analysis

The following graphs and links compare the results from last week's signals based upon how the orders were entered, either as all Market Orders versus all Limit Orders.

(Use this intel to optimize your own trading strategies.)

All Signals Entered below as



=================================All Signals Entered below as 


  • Based on 1 lot per trade in USD$
  • ​Chart shows accumulated profits and losses only
  • Account opened with USD$10,000 
  • Positions are held for a maximum of 31 hours
  • No positions are held over the weekend
  • ​Average Daily Signals = 8.8
  • All Signals Entered above as MARKET ORDERS​​

Last Updated on 15-Apr-17

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(Last Update on 15-Apr-17)​​

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